About Adams Academy

We are a company who is best known for offering awarding body accredited online courses that are available for anyone who wishes to acquire a certification and take their professional life to the next level. As an online learning site, we are aware of the fact that there are a lot of people out there who considers themselves to be a curious learner but the courses that they are interested in are not available in the area. So, we have decided to give them a chance to learn in a convenient way – in their own convenient place and time.

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Who We Are

We are an online course provider who only wanted to make sure that the students would be able to learn everything there is a need for them to learn regarding the course that they have enrolled in on our site. So, we see to it that they would be provided with the highest possible standard of online learning. That way, students would be able to use it in the real world – the employment world.


Our Mission

 To make learning more accessible to learning enthusiasts, regardless of where they are residing in the world.

To offer different courses of different levels for the students to choose from.

To position our company as a leader in the industry of online learning.

Our Vision

Maintain the good credibility and reputation that we have built as online courses provider.

On Adams Academy, you have access to:


Learn with Multiple Device

Switch between your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Technical and Expert Support

 Full technical and expert support from our team


Specialization Certificates

Get verified certificates after completing courses

An inclusive experience

Designed for a diverse global audience

What We Do

Do you have a specific course that you wanted to take in mind? Perhaps, web design, flower arrangement or administration? Well, we bring opportunities closer to you. To be more specific, we bring you the opportunity to learn right at the tip of your fingers.  Regardless of what area you are interested in, you would surely be able to find the course that is right for you. In fact, we offer more than 106 courses for the students to choose from.

With us, students would not have a hard time finding the course that they would like to take. In addition to that, it would also only take a few minutes or just a few clicks for them to create an account on our website and enrol in the courses that we are offering. Not only that, regardless of whether they are just at a beginner or an expert level, we offer courses that are suitable for their level and so, they can learn at their own phase.

After the student have successfully completed the course, we would be providing them a certification to prove that they were able to pass all the requirements of the course. They can use it for applying for jobs that requires such certifications and qualifications. Hence, they can increase their chance of getting hired for the position.

So, are you looking for a reputable online course provider? Choose us and check out the online courses that we can offer you.